At The Farm

The farm is an integrated fish and crop production system operating on a commercial scale. It is located in Western Sydney on land owned by our partner The University of Sydney. It operates using a Moving Gulley System (MGS) for leafy green produce production that is suspended above a Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) producing beautiful barramundi. By maximising the efficiency of production per litre of water and square metre the facility is compact and highly productive. In fact we grow over 130,000kg of fresh leafy greens in an area of just 4320sqm.

Our integrated system allows us to grow good quality crops and fish year round. We grow commercial quantities of fresh basil, coriander and parsley. Some of these we sell as living plants that can be taken home into the kitchen as a live plant that will continue to grow. That’s fresh. Oh….and no bad stuff on our products, our system operates without the use of synthetic pesticides, fungicides or inorganic fertilizer inputs.

  • We have capacity to produce over 130,000 Kg of herbs per year.
  • We have capacity to produce over 12,000 Kg Barramundi per year.
  • Consistent and predictable integrated growing process for crops and fish
  • All of our crops are Certified Ogranic
  • Our facility, processes and products are SQF accredited for food safety.
  • We’ve had over 1,200 University students inducted to the facility already and it wont stop there.
Future Commercial Farms

On the success of the current farm Green Camel is now planning the development of further commercial scale farm. It is envisaged that this farm will be significantly larger to deliver enhanced economies of scale and a variety of different product.

Larger farms will provide a broader range of produce at more consistent levels to the retail trade. Furthermore, larger farms will provide scale economies that will deliver a lower priced product to the consumer and improved returns to investors.

Farm Technology

We don’t just grow produce either. Part of our vision is to help others to provide good quality produce grown in an integrated manner. So in the engine room of the Green Camel we are also developing a technology that will be scalable and modular for future applications.